An apology

After my royal mess up last night I think I owe a brief but sincere apology to @NettieWriter.

First of all, it was her birthday yesterday and she asked me, as a favor, and as a great honor, to take part in a chain mail, and I broke it.
And then, I went and broke it because I was too damn stupid to properly post links into my blog…. well, I posted the links, but the browser would not open, and then I tried again and it failed again, and then I was tired because it was late at night, and then I just deleted the whole bloody thing…. and so Nettie does not get to know which of those six stories I was supposed to tell was the lie.
I’m really sorry, Nettie.
But the stark truth is: I’m just too stupid for this kind of computer thing. Hey, I’ve learned how to upload pictures and then even post them in the right part of a blog by now, that should count for something, ok?
But I will tell you the lie now.
I said that I had a hot affair with my younger sister’s teacher when I was 21.
That was a lie.
I had a hot affair with my sister’s teacher when I was 22.
So there.
She was 16 at that time, and the teacher 32. Unmarried. So all was well. Sort of.
He was hot. I was not his student. We kept it a secret. It lasted a week.
Will this do, Nettie? Please?

About Mariam Kobras

Three-time Independent Publisher Award winner, author of the Stone Series, co-author of the upcoming Sunset Bay Series, happily and proudly published by Buddhapuss Ink LLC, NJ. Cheesecake is my favorite food group!
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5 Responses to An apology

  1. Nettie Thomson says:

    Aw – no apologies ever necessary, toots! ‘Twas only a bit of fun! And wow! You did nothing wrong at all, but Wow!!! LOL

  2. Thanks for the blog follow, Nettie!

  3. I hope it was a fun week! 🙂

  4. Ha, yes!!! 🙂 And I learned a lot, lol!

  5. Skeletons…..
    Happy Birthday to Nettie!

    I’m crap at technical stuff, you can’t be as bad as me! When it comes to chain mail I break it straight away. It’s one of my pet hates!

    CJ xx

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