A New Tune, A New Dance

Home again. I’m home again, and it feels good to sleep in my own bed, and not alone anymore either. My cat welcomed me as if I had not been away at all, the house has not changed, and neither has my family. In a way it feels as if I’ve never been away at all.

But I have been, and very far, too, farther even in mind than in miles, and I think part of me got lost for good on this journey. Good riddance, I say. It was the sick, weak and depressive part that fell away, and I’m a new me, a happy, healthy and tanned me. I have the feeling I lost all the mental garbage somewhere on the road to Biggs Junction, and there it can stay, in the desert mountains of Washington State.

This blog is to say thank you to the many friends who hosted and feted me, who helped me heal and put me on the path to what I am now: no longer the sloppy German housewife, but a manicured author-lady with a lot of work ahead of me, and a very bright future. You all, my dears, are my landmarks on this road. You helped make me. Again, thank you.

Sue, Rich, Denise, Tara and Moniera in Vancouver.

Jane, Susan, Laura and Brian in Seattle and Ellensburg.

Leslie, Patti and Marianne in DC. (I’m not allowed to post a photo of Leslie, sadly)

Bunny, John and Jen in Lynchburg, VA.

Steve, Nancy, Carolyn and Alicia in Portland ME.

Adam and Julie in Boston. (Ok, that’s Keith in the pic with Julie, not Adam)


Keith, Emily, Sylvia, Libby, Paul and Claudia and Denise in NY.

Sam in Edison. And MaryChris.

Thank you all. Miss you already.


About Mariam Kobras

Three-time Independent Publisher Award winner, author of the Stone Series, co-author of the upcoming Sunset Bay Series, happily and proudly published by Buddhapuss Ink LLC, NJ. Cheesecake is my favorite food group!
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3 Responses to A New Tune, A New Dance

  1. Bunny says:

    It was an honor to host you, my dear. Looking forward to seeing you again when you return next year for your book tour!

  2. Sue says:

    Bring on Kobra-pa-two-za!!

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