Sense and Nonsense of twitter #ff

Good morning, Friday, as always you bring us the joys and tribulations of the twitter #ff lists. There are  many who refuse to do the #ff honors completely, some who believe they only work of you do a few, individual #ffs, and some who do nothing but send out long lists with recommendations all day long.

Just now a discussion about the value of the FollowFriday  cropped up on twitter. There seems to be a general tiredness about the whole thing, and a doubt that it does any good at all. I think originally the #ff were meant to connect people, to get a chance to easily meet friends of friends, but that’s not how I see it anymore. With the many, many tweeters out there right now, and growing numbers in followers, introducing ALL of your friends is insanity, would take about twenty-four hours and bring on the infamous twitter whale for two days.

No, here’s what I think.

There is a whole different meaning to the thing, and that’s why I still do them.

By giving people a #ff shout, I show them how much I appreciate their tweets. This might be for different reasons: because they are my publisher, and I want to promote them (and myself, ahem), or the authors I connect with most (because by talking to them on twitter I feel a little more like an author myself), they tweet delicious recipes (yeah, I like to eat; who doesn’t), they send beautiful photos (Paul Steele; the grand-master of amazing links!), they tweet funny stuff (ScoDal; follow or die!), they are literary agents (Janet Reid; hilarious, useful blog! And Rachelle Gardner, twitter friend, full of good advice.), or simply because they are beloved, friends.  There are many others, not listed here now because this is only supposed to be a short, dashed-off blog and I want to get back to the REAL writing.

So you see, I do #ff. With them, I tell people, “Hey, I know you. I read your tweets. I like them so well that I think others should read them too. I love being your friend. I love that you think my tweets are worth your time. In this very second, typing your name, adding #ff, pressing “enter”, I’m thinking of you. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for talking to me!”

That’s all. Please proceed with your Friday. 🙂


About Mariam Kobras

Three-time Independent Publisher Award winner, author of the Stone Series, co-author of the upcoming Sunset Bay Series, happily and proudly published by Buddhapuss Ink LLC, NJ. Cheesecake is my favorite food group!
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One Response to Sense and Nonsense of twitter #ff

  1. Since you put it that way, I’m so thrilled to see your follow Friday tweets, as well as be included.
    I don’t manage it well because I haven’t figured out a way to organize the various people. I need to make a list of the people, (maybe I should capitalize that) People, I enjoy reading and hearing from. Those are very different from the latest avalanche of folks who promote full time, 24/7 it seems and that make me wonder if there is a person behind the name. Sigh. Then again, it also stirs up the rebel in me that doesn’t want to follow the rules. ; )
    All that said, I do want to let people know I enjoy hearing from them, or about them and I will find a way to do that. cheers. Jess

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