For those who do not know me,  I’m a writer. That’s what I do, all the time. Recently I’ve managed to lure a publisher into accepting my first book, “The Distant Shore”, and they like it so much that they have given me the license to go on writing. Which is why I’m now working on the sequel.

TDS ( as my publisher likes to call it) will be published in January 2012, and the intrepid publisher is Buddhapuss Ink LLC. To be honest, I never wanted any other anyway. But don’t tell them.


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  1. susan temairik says:

    Sounds like you live a rich and happy life. I’m thinking of moving from Blogger to WordPress, but I’m kind of lazy.

  2. Sezin says:

    Hi Mariam,

    This is Sezin, Mary Pearson’s friend from Twitter. I think something happened on my account because I noticed today that I hadn’t read anything from you in some time and when I went to your page to see if you are okay I saw that I mysteriously wasn’t following you anymore and you had blocked me from following you as well. If I said something to offend you then I am truly sorry for that. You are someone I have always enjoyed interacting with and so I am hoping that we can talk about whatever happened and resolve it. Please feel free to email me at my address above. I really hope this is just a misunderstanding that we can fix.

    Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and a very happy 2011,


    • Sezin, I have NO idea what happened! You never said anything at all to offend me, and I never blocked you! Funny thing is, I can’t even find you on twitter, it’s as if you don’t exist.. I don’t know what to do… I’ll try to find you and add you, ok hon?
      I even give you every #ff and #ww that comes around…. very weird stuff.
      I want you as my friend, and we’ll have to find out what twitter did.
      Love, Mariam

    • Zuzu, we’re back in action. 🙂

  3. Great Blog. Great to meet you on Twitter.
    I am already on WordPress and am glad I am. Hope the transition was smooth for you.

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