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Bye Bye wordpress

For all of you following this blog: After thinking long and carefully about it I’ve decided to move my blog back to blogpost. Here is the address: Go have a look! It’s way nicer than this here.   Advertisements

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Talli Roland Writes

Today begins a series of guest posts on this blog, to celebrate the launch of my own book, “The Distant Shore”, in January. I have invited twitter friends who have arrived at the same stage in their lives, where their … Continue reading

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You’re Human. Forgive.

  Today I’m honored to present the first ever guest on my blog, my dear friend Jessica Luton, @serenitywriter on twitter. We were talking about creativity and writing the other day – well, we always do; it’s either that, or … Continue reading

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Sense and Nonsense of twitter #ff

Good morning, Friday, as always you bring us the joys and tribulations of the twitter #ff lists. There are  many who refuse to do the #ff honors completely, some who believe they only work of you do a few, individual … Continue reading

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I Am, I Write

I’ve been in a mind to write about writing for a while now, but it always seemed presumptuous, and I don’t really have time for it, and anyway, I don’t care too much for blogging. Yes, I know, big mistake, … Continue reading

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Glory Road, Chapter 1

Ok, since you asked. Here’s the UNEDITED first part of the first chapter of the new novel. Before you even THINK of copying or stealing it: it’s with the publisher already. So HANDS OFF. It’s only for my friends. 1. … Continue reading

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